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Semih Gokatalay

Course Title: Islam and Muslims in the Twenty-First Century

Semih Gokatalay is a graduate student in the History Department at UC San Diego. He also has two master’s degrees – one in Economics and one in Middle Eastern Studies. He has been teaching in Turkey and the United States since 2012 and tutored both high-school students and freshmen in a variety of courses both in English and Turkish. He can speak three languages and have a reading knowledge of five more languages. He has also published several peer-reviewed studies in highly prestigious journals.

  • Ph.D. in History, UC San Diego, CA (in process)
  • M.S. in Middle Eastern Studies, Middle East Technical University, Ankara/Turkey
  • M.S. in Economics, Middle East Technical University, Ankara/Turkey
  • B.S. in Economics, Middle East Technical University, Ankara/Turkey
Associate Instructor, Department of History, UC San Diego, CA (2020-2023)
  • History of the Islamic Middle East (HINE 114)
  • History of the Middle East: The Early Medieval Period, 500–1000 (HINE 128)
  • US Middle East Policy Post-WWII (HINE 119)

Academic Connections, UC San Diego, CA (2021)
  • Introduction to Modern World History

Instructional Assistant, Making of the Modern World Writing Program, UC San Diego, San Diego, CA (2017-2023)
  • Classical and Medieval Traditions (MMW 12)
  • Exploring the Pre-Modern World (MMW121)
  • New Ideas and Cultural Encounters (MMW 13)
  • Pre-history and Ancient Foundations (MMW 11)
  • Revolution, Industry and Empire (MMW 14)
  • Twentieth Century and Beyond (MMW 15)

Teaching Assistant, Department of Economics, Ankara, Turkey (2012-2015)
  • Economy, Society and Civilization 1 (Econ 107)
  • Economy, Society and Civilization 2 (Econ 108)
  • “Celebrating ‘The Week of Domestic Goods:’ Children and the Campaign for Economic Nationalism in Interwar Turkey,” Nations and Nationalism 28(2) (2022): 645-661.

  • “Women and Commercial Exhibitions in the late Ottoman Empire and early Republican Turkey,” The Journal of the Ottoman and Turkish Studies Association 8(2) (2021): 19–45.

  • “Economic Nationalism of the Committee of Union and Progress Revisited: The Case of the Society for the Ottoman Navy,” Nationalities Papers 48(5) (2020): 942-956.

  • “Turkey’s Attempts to Improve its Reputation during the Making of the Post-War Turkish-American Rapprochement (1945-1950),” Turkish Studies 20(5) (2019): 754-775.